Cost Engineering

A selected small sample of experience in a variety of areas:

Professional Work & Services
Prepared Design-Build Estimate
U.S. Border - El Paso Fence Replacement
4.4 miles
$34.4 Million
Kirk Value Planners 2017
Prepared Concept Estimate
Piston Performance Center
Detroit, MI
167,000 gsf
$62.3 Million
Kirk Value Planners 2017
Prepared MEP Schematic Estimate
Motown Museum
Detroit, MI
68,938 gsf
$3.6 Million
Kirk Value Planners 2017
Prepared CD Phase Estimate
Greektown Market
Detroit, MI
11,125 gsf
$4.7 Million
Kirk Value Planners 2017
Prepared Preliminary Budget Estimate
985 Michigan Ave.
Detroit, MI
551,515 gsf
$48.2 Million
Kirk Value Planners 2016
Prepared Development Proposal
Washington Global Trade Center - Washington, D.C.
$716 Million
1,295,000 sf
AEPA International 2015
Prepared 75% Design MEP Estimate
Walsh College - Troy, Michigan
$2.7 Million
27,030 sf
Kirk Value Planners 2014
Wrote Textbook
Parametric Cost Modeling for Buildings
Included Cost Estimating Program and Database Routledge Publisher 2013
Led Site Study Team, Prepared Report and Detailed Cost Estimate
Washington, DC
Fire Protection of North Court Interstitial Space Department of Treasury Building 2008
Prepared Detailed Cost Estimate
Washington, DC
$5.5 million
Renovation & Expansion of Historic School
CMDR Associates 2008
Performed Change Order Estimating
Miami, FL
$11 million
Scope change to Leased Building under design
NGP Capital 2007
Budgeted and Designed Parking Lot
Front Royal, Virginia
25 Vehicles
Project Support Services 2003
Managed Tenant Improvement Work
Brandywine, Maryland
$8.4 million lease
NOAA Warehouse
General Services
Facilitated Quality and Cost Modelling Workshop
Newport News, Virginia
$20 million
Mariner's Museum Addition
Monitor Center Conservation Building
The Smith Group 2002
Facilitated Design Program, Budget & Quality Workshop
Quantico, Virginia
$15 million
DEA Laboratory
43,000 gsf
The Smith Group 2002
Prepared Independent Cost Estimate
Arlington, Virginia
$4.5 million
Space Alteration
22,000 gsf
General Services Administration 2002
Prepared Budget Cost Model & Quality Workshop
Washington, D.C.
$25 million
GWU School of Business & Public Management
171,000 gsf
The Smith Group 2001
Conducted Market Study
Fairbanks, Alaska
$100 million
U.S. Army COE, Base Hospital
260,000 gsf
The Smith Group
Management Services
Managed Construction Project
Golden, Colorado
$9.6 million
65,000 gsf
Government Property
Investors, Inc.
Prepared Project Financial Plan
Aurora, Colorado
$12 million
Office Building
125,000 gsf
Government Property
Investors, Inc.
Managed Construction Project
Richland, WA
$18 million
Two Office Buildings
150,000 gsf
Rosecliff Realty, Inc. 1995
Prepared Project Financial Plan
West Hollywood, CA
$15 million
Mixed Use Parking Facility
Raleigh Real Properties 1993
Conducted Budgeting Seminar
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
3 day course
Project Budgeting for Buildings
Saudi Projacs 1993
Wrote Textbook
Project Budgeting for Buildings
Included Design Programming Procedures Van Nostrand Reinhold 1991
Prepared Project Financial Plan
Oakland, CA
$190 million
Federal Office Building & Court
DWA Fed Oak, Inc.

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