Building Design & Construction

Donald E. Parker, PE, CVS
Tel: 202-253-5550

  •  Project Management
  •  Independent Government Estimates (IGE's)
  •  Design Review
  •  Value Engineering
  •  Change Order Evaluation
  •  SFO Proposal Writing
  •  Program & Project Budgeting
  •  Lender Due Diligence
  •  Property Management
  •  Cost & Value Training

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    Due Diligence Services

        This is a small business with services available to developers and owners responding to solicitations to finance,
        design, construct or operate building space and prepare development proposal submissions for bidders.

    Development Services

    Management Services

    • Calculating Project Costs
    • Arranging Financing
    • Forming Development Team
    • Evaluating Sites
    • Preparing Bid Proposal

    • Monitoring Cash Flow and Schedule
    • Administering Subcontracting Plans
    • Reviewing Design Work
    • Performing Value Engineering
    • Reducing Change Order Impact
    • Liasion with Government

    Training Services

    Resume and Experience

    Contact me for services at: