Inspect before you buy!

Due Diligence Services.

To reduce your risk and expenditure - conduct due diligence services in the following two steps:   After you have signed a letter of intent and the owner provides you with his data conduct Step 1. If you like what you see from Step 1 and determine to continue with the purchase then conduct Step 2.

Step 1.    Before Purchase & Sale Agreement Services:

  • Inspect property
  • Photograph property
  • Review existing leases and prepare abstracts
  • Review previous reports and data:

    ALTA Survey
    Market Study
    Previous Inspections

  • Review annual operating expenses
  • Prepare property management operating cost comparison
  • Prepare 10-year capital expense estimate
  • Review owners economic analysis
  • Make recommendations to mitigate any impacts discovered
  • Input to and/or review proposed purchase and sale agreement

Inspect Early

Step 2.    Before Closing Services:

  • Confirm leases are complete with all addenda and modifications
  • Obtain code, zoning, fire deficiency reports from local officials
  • Review vendor contracts
  • Interview current Property Management company
  • Review all Property Management files
  • Obtain copies of all permits & warranties
  • Have special studies performed as necessary:

    Code and zoning analysis
    Environmental updates
    Phase 2 testing
    Soil borings

  • Prepare Property Management Plan
  • Draft vendor & tenant notices

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