Creating a price proposal for a Government solicitation requires dealing with several unique issues . . .

    Price Proposal Contents

  • Rental Rate Offer
  • Financing Alternatives
  • Unit Prices
  • Reimbursable Schedule
  • Subcontracting Plan
    • Small Business Goals
    • Women Business Goals
    • Disadvantaged Business Goals

    Project Budgets

  • Construction Cost
  • Design Cost
  • Site Cost
  • Financial Cost
  • Management Costs
  • Developer Costs

    Annual Cost

    Submittal of annual operating and maintenance cost must be done before design is even started. Our quantification of systems helps estimate these costs.

See Sample Cost Format

    Financial Costs

    In order to compute rental rate one must know total project costs including financing costs. At conceptualization and just before bid submittal we can create a draw schedule showing cash flow for all soft and hard costs using our computer template model.

See Sample Cash Flow Format

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